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My Back Pain Coach - Back Pain Relief 4 Life

MyBack Pain Relief 4 Life is video course by Ian Hartis and it is an alternative approach to treating pain that is immensely more successful (and cheaper) than the radical, costly conventional procedures. Men and women of all ages and walks of life who want major relief from back pain in ONLY 16 MINUTES, 8-Movement Method. Relieves Years of Upper AND Lower Back Pain, Forcing Your Body to Gently Yet Naturally “Rebalance” Itself.

The Complete Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program Includes:

Component #1: The Back Pain Relief 4 Life CORE TRAINING VIDEO

In this 28-minute online video, you’ll discover the unique sequence of 8 movements that are the foundation of your back pain relief.
The movements are simple and can be done anywhere and at any time. All you need is a place to lie down, a small pillow or towel to put under your head, and a chair.
You’ll also get the complete sequence, with easy to follow diagrams. So you can print them and take them wherever you go.
Remember, you don’t have to become a back expert or do any studying of any kind to benefit from this program. All you need to do is watch the short video and follow along.
Prepare to be excited.

Component #2: NINE Targeted Coaching Video Sessions for Back Pain Relief

Some people want more data, more information. They’re intrigued this method changed their life and is so effective.
9 short coaching videos to give you even more insight into how the program works as well as give you additional tips for getting the most out of each session of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program.
You’ll quickly appreciate why your back magically starts to respond and feel better as you ease into the first movement.

Component #3: One-On-One Coaching

You’ll also receive unlimited email access and phone calls.
During your private consult, Ian Hartis will answer any questions you have, address any major issues with your back pain and help you tailor the movements to your unique situation.

  • These 2-Minute “Miracle” Movements Will Work for You with Zero Equipment, No Expensive Patches, Braces or Uncomfortable Girdles and Most Importantly No Over the Counter or Pharmaceutical Drugs. And the best part is a complete session takes no more than 20 minutes. It easily fits into your schedule.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life

·         Relieve Your Pain
·         Restore Muscle Balance and Flexibility
·         Increase Blood Flow, Oxygen and Nutrients to the Spine
·         All in Less Than 20 Minutes

All you need is the desire to end your pain, 8 simple movements, and the ability to follow easy directions:

Movement #1: Begins activating imbalanced muscles, preparing them for relief,

Movement #2: “Wakes up” dormant hip muscles and continues activating imbalanced muscles.

Movement #3: Now that your body is prepared, you feel an initial wave of relief wash over you as Movement #3 starts releasing your pain.

Movement #4: Continues flooding your lower back with newfound blood, oxygen and nutrients–you feel oddly energized

Movement #5: Decompresses the lower back–clients often visibly exhale as years of pent up tension is released.

Movement #6: Aligns the whole body, restoring muscle balance along the entire spine in addition to your lower back.

Movement #7: Finishes stabilizing your spine, back, and hips in their natural, pain-free positions.

Movement #8: Gently compresses the spine to flush old blood out of your discs, then pull in new blood for even more healing, pain relief and recovery.

What you will get:
Physical Copy Shipped to You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses

·         Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD
·         Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions for Back Pain Relief
·         Bonus: Free One on One Coaching
·         Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program
·         Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos with Music
·         Extra Bonus: Instant Access to The Videos Online

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